1. RPG 0:18
  2. HEHE 0:18
  3. 100% 0:22
  4. OKAY 0:25
  5. K? 0:19
  6. Anthem 0:21
  8. MALAI HERA 0:26
  9. BARILAI 0:28

RPG-Vol 1

Artists : Aeezy, G4L
Genres : HIP HOP, Newschool Hip-Hop
Format : Digital Download

RPG VOL 1 is the debut album from the dynamic trio AEEZY, PURPLE & GWALA, representing the vibrant colors of Red, Purple, and Green. Each color symbolizes a distinct themeā€”Red for emotions, Purple for higher energy, and Green for balance. Released under 101 Capital Records, this album introduces a fusion of fresh new school vibes that showcase the talents of these emerging artists.

The music in RPG VOL 1 is not only driven by the compelling performances of AEEZY, PURPLE & GWALA but also features a stellar lineup of producers, including Aeezy, Vibyn, Bobby Beatz, and Gabila. The collaboration brings forth a diverse and engaging sound that captures the essence of the trio’s individual styles.

Adding to the album’s brilliance is the contribution of 4zdripp, the youngest audio engineer in town, who skillfully shines the spotlight on the production quality. RPG VOL 1 promises a musical journey that explores the depths of emotions, higher energy, and balance, making it a standout debut from this promising trio.